Google Disavow is in the Details


Google’s Penguin update firmly solidified my love for penguins. I mean, penguins are super cool creatures, working as a team to find food and protect their tiny egg all the while braving insanely low arctic temperatures. When the process aligns just so, and the long dark days of winter are over, a baby penguin is [...]

10 Best Link Building Practices


Link building is hardly something you learn overnight. It requires specialized insight and SEO knowledge in order for a plan to be implemented effectively. Adhering to the following ten best practices for effective link building will optimize your backlinks: 1. Alter Your Anchor Text Search Engines still heavily weigh SERP’s towards the anchor text of [...]

Brand Strategy for SEO: 5 Ways to Define Your Brand & Why It’s Important


A Black Belt in SEO Isn’t Enough Anymore SEO expertise is critical for any well-rounded digital marketing program, but a truly remarkable search marketer should also have an understanding of one of the most important underlying facets of marketing: branding. Any good SEO knows that trying to rank for generic services or products is much [...]